CBD/Warehouse District/South Market, Julia Place

New Orleans, LA, 70130

1 Bed
1.0 Bath

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Available March 03

Property Inactive

Additional Info

Lease term: > 1 Day
900 Sq.ft

Modern renovated condo in the Warehouse District. GREAT LOCATION. Walk to many of the best restaurants in New Orleans. Small market ( Nesbit's" Market) located below the condo units in the same building. Marble countertops, Viking appliances, and a custom kitchen. Fully furnished. Off-street parking in a secure lot connected to the building , WiFi, utilities, 75-inch TV, and brand new furniture. 15 foot ceilings, big exterior windows, lots of natural light. The building has a gym, a rooftop pool, grill, and a clubhouse area for parties.

Reference Number: p-5b94bd9295ee6



lot parking

owner pays utilities