Corporate Rental New Orleans

Every year, thousands of people move to New Orleans for months at a time. Whether it is a new job, a life change, family, or friends that bring you to New Orleans, you'll feel like you're home in no time. Here you'll find world-famous cuisine, jazz music in every corner, Mardi Gras parades and second lines. In New Orleans laissez les bons temps rouler isn't just a saying, it is a way of life. So if you've decided to make the Big Easy your new home for a spell, looking for the best corporate rental New Orleans has to offer is likely a major concern for you. When you search with DeVie, you'll find more than just a place to stay, you'll find a community to make you feel welcome from the day you move in.

Why Stay in New Orleans?

Some people might consider living outside New Orleans proper when they make their move. After all, Metairie, River Ridge, Algiers and Harvey are just a 20 minute communte away from all of the major city points of interest. However, these suburbs don't offer the same experiences you could have when living within New Orleans. If you are looking for entertainment and community, stay right where all of the action is happening. If you want to stay where you'll be able to step into a community, stay with DeVie corporate housing in New Orleans.

New Orleans Extended Stay Housing is HereThe furnished houses in the Garden District offered by DeVie fans means you'll have an address in a neighborhood that's as historic as it is beautiful. Within just a few blocks, there are bars, restaurants, music venues, supermarkets, museums, and possibly some celebrity neighbors. The best part is, there's no such thing as a stranger in our community - simply friends you haven't met yet.

Other Benefits of Corporate Housing

There is a lot of variety when you're planning to stay in New Orleans for a lengthy amount of time. There are hotels and hostels, AirBnBs and B&Bs. There are benefits and disadvantages to each of these options. To get the true New Orleans experience, you'll want to stay somewhere where you can connect with the community around you. Just because you're staying for a short period of time doesn't mean that you can't experience all that New Orleans has to offer. Start by living in the neighborhoods that the locals live in (in the properties that they own), and make the Crescent City your new adopted abode.

I'm Ready to Find My New Place

We're excited to welcome you to town! The best corporate rentals in New Orleans are listed here on DeVie. Just click here to start your search now!